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Injury & Violence Prevention Program  (IVPP)
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Driver Distraction - Mobile (Cell) Phones

Using a mobile phone while driving can incrase the risk of being involved in a collision by up to four times (Redelmeier & Tibshirani, 1997)

Having a mobile phone in your car is very useful for emergencies, however the facts below show how dangerous a mobile phone can be when used while driving:

What Are The Risks While Driving? What You Can Do?
  • Talking on a mobile phone while driving significantly reduces the driver's reaction times, visual search patterns, decision-making processes and their ability to control speed, throttle control and position on the road (Green et al, 1993; Reed & Green, 1999).
  1. If your mobile phone rings while you are driving, let voicemail answer. Call back when you are in a safe location.
  2. If you need to answer, tell them you are driving and you will call back or ask them to wait until you pull over to a safe location.
  3. If you need to make a call, pull over to a safe location.
  • The use of a hands-free device while driving is no safer than using a hand-held mobile phone (Mathews et al, 2003; Strayer & Johnston, 2001; Haigney, Taylor & Westerman, 2000; Redelmeier & Tibshirani, 1997).
  • Talking on a mobile phone while driving is just as distracting talking with a passenger or eating while driving. All are distracting (Jeness et al, 2002; RoSPA, 1997).

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