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Welcome to the Food Recall webpage. This page is maintained by the Environmental Health Division of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health in order to provide consumers with the latest information about food recalls affecting the County. In addition to posting details about recalls on this page, Environmental Health actively follows up on reports of adulterated food, auditing retailers to ensure that all contaminated products have been removed from store's shelves. Please bookmark this page or follow us on twitter at LAPublicHealth for frequent updates.

Consumers who have any of these products in their possession should return the product to the place of purchase or see full press release for details for disposition.

If you believe that you became sick from eating or drinking something, you can file a report by clicking this link Food Illness, or by calling 1-888-397-3993.


September 19, 2016

Asher's Chocolates/Lewistown, Inc. Issues Voluntary Recall of Candy Products Because of Possible Health Risk

recall food image

For Immediate Release - September 2, 2016

Customer Service
Jeff Asher


Asher’s Chocolates/Lewistown, Inc., an affiliated partner of Chester A. Asher Inc. (“Asher’s”) is initiating a voluntary recall of multiple chocolates, chocolate bars, cellophane wrapped chocolates, and individually wrapped chocolates, etc. under the Asher’s brand due to possible Salmonella contamination of items produced in their Lewistown, PA facility distributed nationwide.

Salmonella is an organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. Healthy persons infected with Salmonella often experience fever, diarrhea (which may be bloody), nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. In rare circumstances, infection with Salmonella can result in the organism getting into the bloodstream and producing more severe illnesses such as arterial infections (i.e., infected aneurysms), endocarditis and arthritis.

Asher’s Brand Products under this voluntary recall are:

Product UPC Label Description Lot# Size
11516 Milk Chocolate Pretzel Pieces 8 oz. 000334469 8 oz.
11517 Dark Chocolate Pretzel Pieces 8 oz. 000334470 8 oz.
14765 Milk Chocolate Vanilla Caramel with Sea Salt 4 oz. 000337556 4 oz.
47350 Dark Chocolate Hostess Mint 6 oz. 000335615 6oz.
55115 KEYSTONE CRUNCH 4 OZ BAG 000336374, 000337658 4 oz.
55165 KEYSTONE CRUNCH 6 oz. 000335591 6 oz.
55180 Milk Chocolate Coated Boardwalk Crunch 4 oz. 000335625 4 oz.
55185 KEYSTONE CRUNCH 1 LB 000336375 16 oz.
63385 Milk Chocolate with Fall String 4 oz. 000335852 4 oz.
63386 Dark Chocolate mini Pretzels Fall String 4 oz. 000335848 4 oz.
65902 Dark Chocolate Molasses Pop 4 oz. 000336201, 000335800 4 oz.
65902 Dark Chocolate Molasses Pop 2 oz. 000336376 2 oz.
67395 Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Heaven 3 oz. 000337016, 000337663 3 oz.
75005 Milk Chocolate Nonpareil Pop 1.25 oz. 000335701, 000336520 1.25 oz.
75027 Milk Chocolate Crisped Rice Pop with Fall Leaves 3 oz. 000337574, 000337673 3 oz.
75030 Milk Chocolate Crisped Rice Pop with Christmas Seeds 3 oz. 000336521 3 oz.
75037 Milk Chocolate Crisped Rice Pop Multi Seeds 2.25 oz. 000335803, 000337173 2.25 oz.
75085 Milk Chocolate Non Peril with Fall Seed 4 oz. 000335963 4 oz.
75086 Dark Chocolate Non Pareils with Fall Seed 4 oz. 000335858 4 oz.
75087 White Confectionery Coating Non pareils with orange and yellow seed 4 oz. 000337178 4 oz.
75107 White Confectionery Coating Peanut Butter Cup 2.35 oz. 000336377, 000337560, 000337665 2.35 oz.
75141 Milk Chocolate POTATO CHIP 4 oz. 000335918 4 oz.
75151 Milk Chocolate Coated Mini Pretzels 4 oz. 000335843, 000336481 4 oz.
75152 Dark Chocolate Coated Mini Pretzels 4 oz. 000335590, 000336482 4 oz.
75153 White Confectionery Coated Mini Pretzels 4 oz. 000335589 4 oz.
75245 Milk Chocolate Pretzel Rod 3pcs Asst. with Asher Bow 3.5 oz. 000335802, 000335910, 000336608, 000337177 3.5 oz.
75260 Milk Pretzel Rod 3 piece assorted 3.5 oz. 000335699, 000337664 3.5 oz.
75261 Milk Chocolate Pretzel Cluster 4 oz. 000335930, 000336198, 000336378, 000336879, 000337013 4 oz.
75277 Milk Chocolate Coated Potato Chip Coffee Bag 8.5 oz. 000336044 8.5 oz,
75279 Milk Boardwalk Crunch Coffee Bag 6 oz. 000335043 6 oz.
75282 Dark Chocolate costed POTATO CHIP COFFEE BAG 8.5 oz. 000335851 8.5 oz.
76025 Milk Chocolate Crisped Rice Pop Multi Seeds 3 oz. 000335722, 000337573, 000335462 3 oz.
82379 Milk SF Almond Butter Toffee 3 oz. 000335955 3 oz.
82421 Milk Chocolate Fruit Center Bar 3.5 oz. 000335414 3.5 oz.
83851 Dark Chocolate Almond Bark (Scored) 4 oz. 000335647, 000335856 4 oz.
83855 Milk Chocolate Non Pareils with multi seed 4 oz. 000335854 4 oz.
83856 Dark Chocolate Non Pareils with White Seed 4 oz. 000335855 4 oz.
83858 Milk Chocolate Mini Pretzels 4 oz. 000335588 4 oz.
83859 Dark Chocolate Mini Pretzel Ash Label 4 oz. 000335862 4 oz.
83860 White Confectionery Coated Mini Pretzels 4 oz. 000335969, 000337245 4 oz.
87145 Milk and Dark Chocolate Fall Pretzel Pre Pack 3 per case 000336450 4 oz.

The recalled items can be identified by the production code printed on the side of the label. No other production codes are affected by this recall.

No illnesses have been reported to date in connection with this problem. No products manufactured by C.A. Asher Inc./Asher’s Chocolate Co. of Souderton PA are involved in this recall.

The recalled candy products were distributed nationwide in retail stores.

The potential for contamination was noted after a single sample from routine testing by the company revealed the presence of Salmonella in a group of products. “The safety and wellbeing of our customers is our primary concern, and we are taking this incident very seriously. In our 124 years of business, we have never previously detected Salmonella in our testing. We are working and cooperating fully with the U. S. Food & Drug Administration on this voluntary recall,” said Jeff Asher, President and CEO. “We apologize to our retail customers and consumers and sincerely regret any inconvenience.”

Consumers who may have purchased any product are urged not to consume it. Consumers should contact Customer Service to arrange for return of product and a refund. Customer Service can be contacted by email at or by calling 888-288-3880 between 9AM and 5PM Eastern Time, Monday - Friday.


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