Introducing the Health Research Study

The Health Research Study will be a robust, multi-faceted examination of the short and long-term health impacts of the Aliso Canyon Disaster on people living in the surrounding communities. The Aliso Canyon Disaster was the largest gas blowout and disaster in the history of the United States, and over 8,000 families were relocated from their homes. Public Health responded to thousands of health-related impacts during the disaster, and residents continue to report health problems.

Health Research Study Purpose

Health studies are undertaken by organizations and researchers to better understand the impacts of events or conditions on health. The knowledge and understanding gained from health studies can be used to better prepare for disasters in the future and to prevent or minimize adverse health effects arising from them. Health studies are not intended to specifically treat or identify health impacts on any one individual. Instead, these kinds of large-scale studies consider impacts on community health. Typically, health studies can last several years or longer.

Health Research Study Process

Public Health will award settlement funds to selected researchers, who will lead study activities. The Health Research Study will be carried out in consultation with a Scientific Oversight Committee and a Community Advisory Group. In forming the model for the Health Research Study, Public Health has solicited advice from leading researchers and incorporated best practices from existing major health studies.


Data Summary

Waste Bin Manifests and Samples

Storage Reservoir Gas Samples

Relevant Publications