Please Read This First Regarding Verification of Sewer Connection

It has been brought to our attention that communication from the Department of Public Health Environmental Health (DPH-EH) Division regarding septic systems has resulted in numerous calls to both the Board office and through Environmental Health. The intent of the letter was to prevent erroneous errors in future billing and unfortunately has created confusion and frustrations for property owners. Please accept our apologies for the discrepancies in our records. Our department is taking action to rectify this situation.

At this time property owners are not being required to take any action to demonstrate that they are connected to the municipal sewer system. After our records have been compared to other County agency’s records and municipal water and sewer district records, we will work with Board offices to notify impacted constituents.

Land Use

The primary responsibility of Land Use Program is reviewing and approving plans for Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems within designated cities and unincorporated areas of the County of Los Angeles in an effort to protect groundwater sources. Program personnel also inspect and permit septic tank pumping vehicles, chemical toilet pumping vehicles, and toilet rental agencies. In addition, we are responsible for evaluating subdivision requests and conducting environmental reviews within its scope.



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