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Swimming Pool Information : Safety Signs and Equipment

REQUIRED SIGNS.  All signs shall have clearly legible letters or numbers not less than 4 inches high, unless otherwise noted, fixed to a wall, pole, gate or similar permanent structure in a location visible to all pool users.

NO LIFEGUARD SIGN - Where no lifeguard service is provided, a warning sign shall be posted stating, “WARNING:  NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY.”  The sign also shall state in letters at least 1 inch high, "Children Under the Age of 14 Shall Not Use Pool Without A Parent or Adult Guardian In Attendance.” 

ARTIFICIAL RESPIRATION AND CPR SIGN - An illustrated diagram with text at least 1/4 inch high Of artificial respiration and CPR procedures shall be posted.       

EMERGENCY SIGN - The emergency telephone number, the number of the nearest emergency services and the name and street address of the pool facility shall be posted.

POOL CAPACITY SIGN - A sign shall indicate the maximum number of pool users permitted for each pool. The pool user capacity of a spa pool shall be based on one pool user for every 10  square feet of pool water surface area. The pool user capacity for all other pools shall be based on one pool user for every 20 square feet of pool water surface area. Pool user capacity requirements do not apply to wading pools or spray grounds.

NO DIVING SIGN. Signs shall be posted in conspicuous places and shall state, “NO DIVING” at pools with a maximum water depth of 6 feet or less.

At every spa, a precaution sign shall be posted with the following language:
  Elderly persons, pregnant women, infants and those with health conditions requiring medical care should consult with a physician before entering a spa.
  Unsupervised use by children under the age of 14 is prohibited.
  Hot water immersion while under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, drugs or medicines may lead to serious consequences and is not recommended.
  Do not use alone.
  Long exposure may result in nausea, dizziness or fainting.

At every spa which requires an emergency shut-off switch, the switch shall be labeled with a sign stating "Spa Emergency Shut-off Switch."

KEEP CLOSED SIGN - A sign shall be posted on the exterior side of gates and doors leading into the pool enclosure area stating, “KEEP CLOSED.”


DIARRHEA NOTICE SIGN - A sign in letters at least 1 inch (25 mm) high and in a language or diagram that is clearly stated shall be posted at a public pool which states that persons having currently active diarrhea or who have had active diarrhea within the previous 14 days shall not be allowed to enter the pool water.

Every swimming pool shall have a life ring at least 17" in diameter which is readily accessible. A 3/16 inch rope equal in length to at least the width of the pool shall be attached to the life ring.

Every swimming pool shall have a readily accessible body hook permanently attached to a pole of at least 12 ft. in length.

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