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Alive & Thrive

While adapting to the changes that lie ahead, be sure to take care of yourself and strengthen your ability to cope and care for others. Join each week to practice activities of relaxation and healthy living to increase your confidence and hope. Learn to recognize signs of toxic stress and new ways to make healthy changes to reduce the negative impact of toxic stress.


Anger Management

Control de la ira

Learn strategies to regain self-control when experiencing anger, new ways to communicate, and resolve conflict. COURT APPROVED. Contact Heather (email or call 909-784-3082).
Aprender estrategias para recuperar el autocontrol al experimentar enojo, nuevas formas de comunicarse y resolver conflictos. APROBADO POR LA CORTE.


Cafecito Hour

Hora de Cafecito

Come and enjoy a free cup of coffee with us! Ask about mental wellbeing, share experiences or concerns you have about the community, and get connected with the resources you need to live a healthy life.

¡Venga y disfrute de una taza de café gratis con nosotros! Pregunte sobre la salud mental, comparta experiencias o inquietudes que tenga sobre la comunidad y conéctese con los recursos que necesita para vivir una vida saludable.




COVID-19 疫苗接种:社区群组聊天

There's a lot of information about COVID-19 and the vaccines.
We know it can be confusing and overwhelming to keep up with all the changes(variants, guidelines, and recommendations). Join our community chat, where we will talk about your concerns, answer your questions, and help you make the best decision possible to protect your health and those you care about.
Hay mucha información sobre COVID-19 y las vacunas. Sabemos que puede serdifficultoso mantenerse informado con todo los cambios (variantes yre
comendaciones). Únase a nuestro charla comunitaria, donde hablaremos sobresus preguntas y lo ayudaremos a tomar la mejor decisión posible para proteger susalud y la de sus seres queridos. No es necesario registrarse.


Parents of Sexually Abused Children

Join a safe, supportive environment to address your own trauma while learning new ways to best help your child heal. To join, contact Heather Cowan (email or call 909-784-3082).


Recognize and Respond to an Overdose (NARCAN/Naloxone)

Reconosca y responda a un sobredosis con Naloxona

Learn the 3 vital steps to perform if you find someone unresponsive from a potential overdose.

Aprenda 3 pasos que son importantes para poder administrar Naloxona a una persona que no esta respondiendo por causa de un sobredosis de Opioides.


What You Need to Know about Substance Use Disorders (SUD)

Educación sobre el abuso de drogas y alcohol 

Families and friends can build skills to talk about drugs/alcohol with their loved ones. Learn how substances affect your health. Education on the different substances that are out in the community and its effects on the brain. How stigma can affect a person and their loved ones. 

Las familias y personas que participen, pueden aprender como platicar y comunicar con sus queridos o amistades sobre el uso y abuso de alcohol y Drogas. Aprenderas como las sustancias affectan tu salud. Educacion sobre las diferentes sustancias (Drogas) que hay en la comunidad y los effectos que causan las sustancias en el cerebro. Como el estigma sobre el uso de Drogas afecta la persona, la familia, amistades.

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