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Mask Wearing Rules and Recommendations

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11-18-22: Masks are still required in some settings and strongly recommended in others - see the summary below and details in the Health Officer Order.

Mask Wearing Rules and Recommendations for LA County Ver página en Español

Indoor mask wearing rules and recommendations in Los Angeles County change based on federal, state, and county requirements and the LA County CDC COVID-19 community level and transmission rate. For details, see the LA County COVID-19 Response Plan.

YOU* MUST wear a mask:

  • In healthcare settings
  • In congregate care facilities, such as long-term care settings and adult/senior care facilities
  • In any other location where it is required by the business or venue
  • If you have COVID-19. You must wear a highly protective mask (even at home) when you are around others until you end isolation. If you are eligible to end isolation after Day 5 because you have a negative test result, it is strongly recommended that you continue to wear a mask through Day 10. In workplace settings, you must wear a mask through Day 10.
  • If you are a close contact to someone with COVID-19. You must wear a highly protective mask when you are around others indoors for 10 days after your last day of exposure.
  • If there has been a recent outbreak at your workplace or the congregate setting where you live.

It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you wear a mask:
(Unless required – see You must wear a mask above)

  • On all forms of public transit, including trains, buses, shuttle buses, taxis, ride-shares, and medical transport.
  • In all transportation hubs, including airport and bus terminals, train and subway stations, seaports or other indoor port terminals, or any other indoor area that serves as a transportation hub
  • In state and local correctional facilities and detention centers
  • Homeless and emergency shelters
  • In all other indoor public settings, businesses, government offices, childcare, TK-12 schools, and higher education settings.

Note: If you are at risk for severe illness it is especially important to wear a highly protective mask when you are in a higher risk setting. These include any of the “three Cs”:

  • Closed spaces with poor air flow
  • Crowded places with many people nearby, and
  • Close contact settings especially where people are talking (or breathing heavily) close together.

No one can be prevented from wearing a mask to participate in an activity or enter a business.

Note: When masks are required, you are allowed to take off your mask while you are:

  • Actively eating or drinking.
  • Alone in a separate room or space.
  • Showering or swimming.
  • Receiving medical, dental, cosmetic, personal hygiene or personal care services (like a facial or shave) that cannot be done without removing your mask.
  • Receiving or providing a speech, occupational or language therapy session where temporary removal of the mask is necessary, as determined by the therapy provider.

*There are some people who should not wear a mask, such as children younger than 2, people with certain medical conditions or disabilities, and people instructed by their medical provider not to wear a mask. See Who should not wear a mask and Special considerations for persons with communication difficulties or certain disabilities

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