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Current Situation and Updates Updated 4/2/2020
Situation: The rate of new COVID-19 cases in LA County continues to steadily increase. For the latest information, see the LA County COVID-19 Surveillance Data, list of cases by city and community, and press releasesJoin the Los Angeles Health Alert Network (LAHAN) to receive DPH email advisories on COVID-19 for health professionals.

  • LAC DPH Health Update (4-2-20): Revised COVID-19 Exposure Period Update
  • Opportunities for medical professionals: The City of Los Angeles Medical Corps and the California COVID Health Corps are looking for medical professionals who want to support the COVID-19 response
  • Isolation and quarantine housing for persons experiencing homelessness with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. The person must be able to perform Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) independently. Contact the Quarantine and Isolation Intake Call Center: 833-596-1009, 8am-6pm.
  • LAC DPH Health Advisory (3-28-20): Ambulatory Patients with COVID-19; Healthcare Personnel Monitoring Advisory
  • FAQs for EMS Personnel LAC DPH FAQs (3-27-20)
  • Print materials for your patients and your facility - new mobile friendly COVID-19 webpage. Includes posters and guidance for patients such as home isolation, home care, and quarantine, what to do when sick, hand washing, and cleaning. Print materials page
  • FAQs on COVID-19 for Health Professionals now available FAQs
Evaluating Patients Who May Have COVID-19

With widespread community transmission in LA County, ambulatory patients with symptoms of a viral respiratory illness should be presumed to have COVID-19 and instructed to isolate themselves according to home isolation instructions. They should also be directed to provide all of their close contacts with home quarantine instructions. Patients with risk factors for severe illness, such as older age and certain underlying medical conditions, should be closely observed and instructed on alarm signs that should prompt immediate medical attention. See the print materials page for instructions in multiple languages.

Healthcare providers who are evaluating symptomatic patients in healthcare facilities are encouraged to follow the LAC DPH Provider Checklist. It includes step by step guidance for the initial evaluation of patients in a facility and includes appropriate PPE for examination and specimen collection and when to contact DPH for Public Health Lab testing

Laboratory Testing
  • LA County Public Health Laboratory (PHL): Testing through PHL is now being prioritized for the detection and prevention of outbreaks in acute- and subacute-care health facilities and non-healthcare congregate living settings. Contact LAC DPH regarding patients who meet the current LAC DPH COVID-19 testing criteria*. If approved for PHL testing, visit the PHL COVID-19 testing page for requisition forms, specimen collection, and transport information.
    • *3-24-20 addition to PHL testing criteria-patients admitted to intensive care units for facilities experiencing substantial delays in obtaining a test result from a commercial clinical laboratory.
  • Commercial Clinical Laboratories: Testing is also available in many commercial clinical laboratories. Please visit their websites for more information.
    There is no need to contact DPH unless the test result is positive - see Reporting.
  • Zero Cost Sharing: All commercial and Medi-Cal health plans in California must provide all medically necessary COVID-19 testing and visits with zero cost sharing. All Plan Letter.
  • PPE for Specimen Collection: Health care workers must don the appropriate PPE for the mode of COVID-19 specimen collection - see PPE for Specimen Collection.
Home Isolation and Quarantine

Home isolation instructions for People with COVID-19 - includes information for patients and caregivers.

English | Spanish (revised 4-3-20)

Updated translations are pending: Traditional Chinese | Simplified Chinese | Korean | Armenian | Tagalog | Arabic | Farsi | Cambodian | Russian | Japanese | Vietnamese (Revised 3-22-20)

CDC guidance is also available: Steps to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 if you are sick .

Home Cleaning instructions "Preventing the Spread of Respiratory Infections in the Home" are available as a flyer in 13 languages: English (revised 3-24-20) | Other languages - translations pending Spanish | Traditional Chinese | Simplified Chinese | Korean | Armenian | Tagalog | Arabic | Farsi | Cambodian | Russian | Japanese | Vietnamese (3-3-20)

Detailed cleaning guidance for US Households with Suspected/Confirmed COVID-19 is available on the CDC website

Home Quarantine Guidance for Close Contacts to COVID-19

English and Spanish (revised 4-3-20)

Updated translations are pending: Traditional Chinese | Simplified Chinese | Korean | Armenian | Tagalog | Arabic | Farsi | Cambodian | Russian | Japanese | Vietnamese (revised 3-22-20)
Additional information for the public to Stay Home when Sick, and What to do if I'm Exposed are available on the Print materials page.
Los Angeles County DPH Acute Communicable Disease Control:
  • List of conditions reportable by providers: the list, updated on 4-02-20, includes reporting diseases by email (using secure transmission), and for COVID-19, reporting deaths and cases to specific email addresses. Healthcare providers must report all positive COVID-19 laboratory results to LAC DPH (except for tests performed at the Public Health Lab). Laboratory list
  • Report a death associated with COVID-19: by phone or secure email immediately. Telephone 888-397-3993 or 213-240-7821 or complete the Novel Coronavirus Death Report form and send it by email (using secure transmission) to
  • Report all other COVID-19 cases: by completing the Medical Provider COVID-19 Report form and sending by fax to 310-605-4274 or by secure email to
  • Laboratory Reporting: The list of reportable conditions that laboratories must report was revised on 3-24-20. All novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) results must be reported electronically within one working day. Positive specimens must be submitted to the Public Health Laboratory.
Long Beach Health and Human Services:
To report a case of COVID-19, fill out the Long Beach COVID-19 Report Form and fax the form and a copy of the positive laboratory result to 562-570-4374 or secure email to

Pasadena Public Health Department:

To report a case of COVID-19, fill out the Pasadena COVID-19 Report Form and fax to 626-744-6115, and call 626-744-6089 weekdays 8am-5pm, or after hours call 626-744-6043.
Infection Prevention, Including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Visit the infection control page for information on infection control measures for the patient interview and exam, Specimen Collection, patient isolation, and PPE. Resources include a COVID-19 PPE poster in English and Spanish and guidance for facilities with limited supplies of N95 respirators.
Healthcare Facilities (including Long Term Care Facilities)
Visit the healthcare facilities page for information about surge planning, health care personnel monitoring, discharge/transfer guidelines, and housing for persons experiencing homelessness. The page also includes posters to display in your facility.
There is also guidance for long term care facilities, including skilled nursing facilities (SNFs)
Emergency Medical Service
Guidance for Monitoring EMS Personnel (4-03-20) Guidance
FAQs for EMS (3-27-20) FAQs
Health Officer Orders
Temporary Closure of Beaches and Trails (3-27-20) Order
FAQs on the health officer orders (3-27-20): English | Spanish | Traditional Chinese | Simplified Chinese | Korean | Armenian | Tagalog | Arabic | Farsi | Cambodian | Russian | Japanese | Vietnamese
Home Quarantine (4-1-20) Order
Home Isolation
(4-1-20) Order
Temporary Closure of Beaches and Trails Order (03-27-20)
Safer at Home (3-21-20) Order
Additional COVID-19 Resources

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