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Feedback Survey Results


We recently sent a feedback form to all people enrolled in the Angelenos in Action survey. The survey is nearly 4 years old, so we felt this would be a good time to hear from Angelenos themselves about their experience with the survey and how we can improve it. This was part of a larger evaluation of Angelenos in Action that will determine how well the survey works as a tool to help DPH officials track COVID-19 and other respiratory illness outbreaks in Los Angeles County. We wanted to share the results with you and address some of the comments we received on our feedback form.

What We Learned

Angelenos in Action is accurate – When we compared the results of the weekly survey to other methods used to track COVID cases over the last 4 years, Angelenos in Action performed very well. This proves that Angelenos in Action can be used to accurately track a rise in respiratory illnesses in the community!

Our participants are still involved, but we can do better – Angelenos in Action receives over 5,000 weekly responses, with many of you keeping up with us for over 3 years! This number has been slowly declining over time, though, and we are looking for ways to increase our engagement. Every participant helps, so think about mentioning us to friends or family members!

Some voices need to be raised – Angelenos in Action’s strength relies on its ability to tell us what the average Angeleno is experiencing. To fully realize this strength, we need to do a better job involving communities who fully represent LA County. In particular, we would like to engage more people under the age of 40 and more people in the Black and African American and Hispanic and Latinx communities.

What We Want You To Know

We are listening and you are helping – We continue to analyze the results of the survey every single week! Leaders in the LA County DPH use the information you provide us every week to help them make decisions and prepare for higher case numbers, especially in the winter when more people get sick. We want to especially thank the more than 2,000 of you who indicated you still complete the survey every week. Thank you all for helping keep LA County healthy!

You can view the survey results with just two clicks – LA County DPH has developed a brand new platform for viewing trends trends in respiratory virus cases, called RespWatch. Follow this link and click the yellow “Angelenos in Action” button to view the most recent survey results.

Angelenos in Action is changing – Based on your responses on our feedback form, we will be making some changes to the survey in the very near future, including new optional questions and a link to the Angelenos in Action results after you complete the survey!

We are trying to grow Angelenos in Action – We want to involve even more of LA County in this project, so we plan to enroll new participants in the fall. In the meantime, if you know of somebody who might be willing to participate, please direct them to our signup page!

It's okay to unsubscribe - While we would love to hear from you every week, several people indicated to us that they no longer live in LA County or wish to stop receiving the weekly survey. That is okay! If you ever want to remove yourself from the weekly email list, follow the unsubscribe link in the weekly survey email or reply STOP to the weekly survey text message. You can always re-subscribe later!

Take Action to Protect Our Communities.

This project was made possible with the generous funding from the Los Angeles County Quality and Productivity Commission.

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