Acute Communicable Disease Control
Policy and Prevention Unit

The Policy and Prevention Unit integrates ACDC’s activities into policy, outreach and educational projects that support and further the long-range objectives of the program and Public Health. The unit collaborates with other public health departments, key external partners as well as state and federal entities to foster and achieve shared goals. This unit collaborates with internal and external partners to identify, implement, and promote projects, policy and outreach activities that further the goals of Acute Communicable Disease Control and Public Health. The Policy and Prevention also incorporates the Health Education Unit. Health educator staff develop educational and training materials (flyers, brochures, presentations) that support and reinforce the objectives of the other ACDC units. Many of these items have received local and national recognition. This unit plans, implements, and evaluates training and educational activities of ACDC and emergency preparedness programs, conducting on-going assessments of training/educational needs department- wide and county-wide.

Policy: Statements and Information

Health Education