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Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Development


Office of Planning, Evaluation,
and Development

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Planning, Evaluation, and Development
Department of Public Health
County of Los Angeles
313 Figueroa Street, Suite 708
Los Angeles, CA 90012
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The Department of Public Health's Strategic Plan 2008-2011 has guided the work of DPH programs, ensuring that our resources and efforts support the priorities that we have identified. The Plan encompasses DPH's broad range of work, incorporating traditional public health work such as controlling the spread of disease and public health inspection as well as addressing key determinants of health and well-being in our communities. Done in concert, the implementation of the goals and objectives in the Plan continue to assist DPH in achieving its vision of healthy people in healthy communities.

To view or download a copy of the 2008-2011 Plan, please click here.pdf icon

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